For more than 4 decades of establishment and development has shown the impressvive foundation of the Founder and conquered the challenge of the Heirs. TTC Group has transformed from the role of Businessman - Manufacturer - to Professional Investors in Agriculture - Energy - Real Estate - Industrial Real Estate - Hospitality - Education.

With the philosophy of "For the community, we grow", TTC Group has gradually grown and developed sustainably, expanding strongly from an alcohol production facility in Ho Chi Minh City to a network of 06 Segments and more than 120 affiliated units spread across 3 Indochina countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, bringing added value to all customers, partners, staff and investors. TTC's appearance today has been gradually shaped with specific development strategies for each industry and field of activity.

Not only is the effort to bring operational efficiency and value to investors, clients and employees, TTC Group also expects to always fulfill its mission of creating added value for all participants in the Group's value chain by not only maintaining basic production and business activities in most fields, but also fulfilling their responsibilities to the community and society.

Specifically, under the direction and visionary decisions of TTC Group's leaders with a highly scientific method of implementation, despite facing temporary difficulties caused by the pandemic, but With the screening of opportunities in challenges, along with the definition of "Vision - is seeing what others have not seen", TTC Group's leaders have applied these scientific methods in many important decisions to have a spectacular transformation with extremely remarkable indicators.

Immersed in the flow of the economy, TTC's internal resources are increasingly "strengthened" to catch up with the general development trend. The process of "digital transformation" is being seen as a solution for many sectors of the economy in the current context. Especially for businesses, digital transformation changes the entire perspective on governance - control - administration when opening cost control solutions, expanding business, thereby increasing competition, helping businesses adapt to the "rejection of professions" law that is taking place on a global scale. Therefore, the most important thing that TTC Group prepares "New Perception - New Thinking - New Model", from there, ready with a firm and confident attitude to start on the "new race" in the "new normal" state, affirming its position as the leading multi-industry private corporation in Vietnam in the integration process.


Mr Dang Van Thanh - Chairman of TTC Group