Currently, one of Vietnam's priority is to develop renewable energy to gradually reduce its dependence on traditional forms of power generation. Accordingly, TTC Energy segment focuses on developing synchronously all forms of energy, especially green and environmentally friendly energy sources. At the same time, contributing to perfecting the value chain in production and business activities, towards sustainable development.

TTC Energy segment has been following the development orientation with a vision to 2025, becoming the leading private organization of clean energy in Vietnam, developing according to international standards. Together with Vietnam Energy industry to welcome new opportunities in the future.



Hydro power plants

With the total capacity of 130.8 MW operated professionally and internationally


Thermal co-generation plants from bagasse

With the total capacity of 153.6MW


Solar and wind power plants

Solar power plants: 5 plants are operating, with a total capacity of 259.4 MWp

Rooftop power plants: 238 projects with a total capacity of 57 MWp

Wind power plants: implementing 3 projects with a total capacity of 180 MW


TTC Energy segment owns 15 hydropower plants, 9 co-generation plants from bagasse, 5 solar power plants that are professionally operated, 3 wind power plants are under construction with more than 200 rooftop solar power projects spanning across the country and neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia, ...

In addition, GEC has also provided the following services: Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for solar power plants, Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning; Testing in electrical field for the purpose of checking quality and ensuring safety for electrical equipment and tools.


Its vision to 2025 sets the objectives to become one of the leading enterprises in Renewable Energy field in Vietnam; Following the mission of maximizing the utilization of water, sun, wind and biomass resources, contributing to society’s energy needs from clean energy solutions, TTC Energy segment will achieve international standards of environmental, safety, health and social for energy projects as well as investment standards to improve financial potential, applying advanced technology, expanding its scope of activities, generating added value to businesses, shareholders, and making a valuable contribution to national energy security.

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