Vietnam is an attractive destination for wind energy investor


According to the National Electricity Development Plan, Vietnam has set the target of doubling electricity capacity from recent level of 42 GW to 80 GW in 2020.

Global Wind Energy Council has released that in 2017 total wind energy industry received USD107 billion investment and this number could soar. Vietnam is viewed as an attractive destination for wind energy investors if this country possesses a stable legislation.

At the first wind energy summit in Vietnam in 2018, wind energy is one of the fastest-developed industries in the world. In 2017, total global investment for wind energy was USD107 billion, creating jobs for over 1.15 million labors across the world. More markets have selected wind energy to be the energy supply because it is usually the lowest-cost coice.

Vietnamese wind energy industry could develop sustainably to entail huge economic and environmental benefits and could make Vietnam an attractive destination towards organizations and international investors.

Electricity demand is projected to increase at the rate of 10% by 2025. The National Electricity Development Plan issued in 2011 and modified in 2016 has set the goal for renewable energy to account for 6.5% total energy in 2020 and 6.9% in 2030 respectively, the percentages equal to 800 MW in 2020 and 2000 MW in 2030. Based on the fact that total capacity of wind plants are only 197MW, Vietnam is still far from the target for 2020.