TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023: Leading the trend of sustainable agriculture


Realizing the mission of creating a modern and sustainable agriculture and bringing nutritional energy of natural origin, TTC AgriS has demonstrated the pioneering capacity of a high-tech agricultural enterprise with sustainable development. through the annual event TTC AgriS Innovation Day.

The event was held for the first time in 2023 with the theme "Serving the best natural nutrition for body needs", which is considered as a pioneering step in market access of TTC AgriS when officially participating in the production game. Plant-based food transformation.

Throughout the program, through hundreds of new products, solutions and initiatives, TTC AgriS has strongly affirmed the green business strategy, which is also the backbone philosophy of the business. The event provided an overview of the roadmap for building regenerative agriculture in the discussion session with the theme "Sustainable development journey".

TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023: Dẫn dắt xu huớng nông nghiệp bền vững - Ảnh 1.The "Sustainable Development Journey" discussion session offers many insights on circular agriculture

Optimizing the crop value chain, promoting the circular economy

Representative of TTC AgriS, Dr. Tran Tan Viet - Member of the Board of Directors affirmed the company's leading position in green agriculture trend. According to him, "With the commitment to provide the market with Green solutions from Clean production, TTC AgriS always implements a "green" production process from farm to fork, making the most of raw materials from waste. by-products in the production process, actively research and apply the Abi red-eyed bee solution to prevent pests from natural enemies, without causing residues of pesticides on agricultural products, ... ".

At the same time, TTC AgriS also focuses on the circular economy factor to optimize the crop value chain. Thereby reusing raw materials in the production process to create new products, the value obtained is three times higher than the original product and especially supports the protection of the surrounding environment, contributing to the increase in the value of products. local economy and community.

TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023: Dẫn dắt xu huớng nông nghiệp bền vững - Ảnh 2.Customers experience eco-friendly bio-products from bagasse, coconut and other crops at TTC AgriS Innovation Day

Also in the program, Dr. Chu Ky Son, Rector of School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Hanoi University of Science and Technology highly appreciated TTC AgriS's application of economic thinking in agriculture instead of pure agricultural production. accordance with the orientation that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and State agencies are setting for domestic units.

"TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023 is a clear demonstration of economic benefits in sustainable agriculture. Not only can we share with consumers and customers products that optimally exploit the value of crops to "erase away" boundary" between waste by-products and raw materials, TTC AgriS also creates added values ​​in addition to profits such as solving human resource problems, creating jobs, increasing cooperation opportunities between parties... ", said Mr. Chu Ky Son.

TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023: Dẫn dắt xu huớng nông nghiệp bền vững - Ảnh 3.Environmental friendly biological solutions and sustainable agricultural products were also introduced to customers by TTC AgriS at the event.

Creating a modern agriculture 4.0, leading the trend of sustainable agriculture

It can be said that sustainable development in all fields always involves creating products with added benefits at the present time while preserving core values ​​for the future.

Assessing TTC AgriS's sustainable models and solutions and products, Dr. Tran Cong Thang - Director of the Institute of Agricultural Development Strategy and Policy said, "Sustainable products are the crystallization of thorough research and development process based on the core green strategy and technology is the key factor in distilling good value in production and processing to bring comprehensive products. With high technology and sustainable development leading the digital transformation in Vietnam, TTC AgriS has opened the era of digital technology in the development of the national agricultural economy.

In fact, at the event, TTC AgriS introduced a series of unique DigiTech 4.0 solutions such as DigiFarm, DigiFactory, DigiRetails. These are high-tech, synchronous and integrated solutions in the commercial value chain from raw material extraction to operation management developed by TTC AgriS.

TTC AgriS Innovation Day 2023: Dẫn dắt xu huớng nông nghiệp bền vững - Ảnh 4.Sustainable development is a transparent message expressed by TTC AgriS through the Innovation Day event, which is also the backbone strategy of the business.


With green growth capacity demonstrated in governance activities including specific sustainability topics and "green" financial indicators, TTC AgriS is also the only sugarcane enterprise continuously appearing in the basket. VNSI20 index - Top 20 stocks with the highest Sustainable Development score in Vietnam stock market in 2022.

"In the coming future, we will continue to increase public awareness of the responsibility to build a green lifestyle and ensure biodiversity to jointly contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment. Hopefully, TTC AgriS's commitments to balance Net Zero emissions by 2035, develop organic material areas, diversify crop value chains to utilize raw materials and minimize by-products, ... will also set common standards for the business community, promoting regenerative agriculture in the country," affirmed Mr. Tran Tan Viet, representative of TTC AgriS.


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