Joining the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange in September 2019, GEG stock code was in the VN100 basket in the restructuring period of July 2020 and was the only company to own a diverse portfolio of renewable energy index, proud to be the pioneer in generating renewable energy in Phong Dien - Thua Thien Hue province. TTC Energy segment owns 15 hydropower plants with total capacity of 136.6 MW, 9 thermal co-generation plants from bagasse with total capacity of 153.6 MW. The PV systems are being operated with total capacity of 341 MWp, of which 5 solar power plants are operating with a capacity of 260 MWp and 32 MWp of solar rooftop and one project has been added with a capacity of 49 MWp. TTC also boosted investment in wind power plants with a total capacity of 260 MW that was added to the plan.

In particular, with more than 180 projects with total capacity of 83 MWp, TTC Energy exists in 25 provinces in Vietnam and neighboring countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar ..., in most areas such as commercial centers, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, apartments, office buildings, residential real estate, factories, industrial zones and export processing zones.



Hydro power plants

With the total capacity of 136.6 MW operated professionally and internationally


Thermal co-generation plants from bagasse

With the total capacity of 153.6MW


Solar and wind power plants

Solar power plants: 5 plants are operating, with a total capacity of 259.4 MWp

Rooftop power plants: 238 projects with a total capacity of 57 MWp

Wind power plants: implementing 3 projects with a total capacity of 180 MW


The demand for renewable energy tends to increase as Vietnam increasingly expands the market and promotes the development of key industries. Along with the general development of the economy, TTC Energy segment also makes significant contributions to the country's economic development. Recognizing the importance and prospects of this sector, TTC considers energy as a strategic priority for investment. Currently, TTC Energy is the leader in small and medium hydropower projects in the Central and Central Highlands regions, leading in biomass power generation in the country.

In addition, GEC has also provided the following services: Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for solar power plants, Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning; Testing in electrical field for the purpose of checking quality and ensuring safety for electrical equipment and tools.


TTC Energy aims to become a leading private organization in Vietnam’s renewable energy field

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