valley of love: super romantic destination for couples in the valentine


The Valley of Love in Dalat, creating the impressive impressions for couples by the combination of romantic atmosphere and activities, is the ideal place for dating of couples during this Valentine.

As a popular destination for couples, the Valley of Love celebrates many activities during this Valentine event. These activities are designed to be meaningful and appropriate, leading to create the special and unforgettable day for all visitors in general and couples in special. Moreover, there are decorations with heart sharp around the Valley, which bring warming for singles in this day as well.

All the couples always have the common wish for their love, their relationship. It is always honest, faithful and happy forever regardless where they are or which activities they join in the Valley of Love. There is activity which everybody assumes that will make their wish to be reality. Couples will write down their name on the love ribbon, and then hang it into “The Wishful Tree”. The height of ribbon, hang on “The Wishful Tree”, will be different and depend on the depth and maturity in love of the couples.