Lam Dong province startup competition 2023: Which projects will enter the final round?


Based on the results of the semi-final evaluation, the organizers selected 10 projects and 7 ideas to participate in the final stage of the Lam Dong Innovation Startup Contest 2023, which will be held on October 26.

The Lam Dong Innovation Startup Day organizing committee has just announced the list of 10 projects and 7 ideas participating in the final Lam Dong Innovation Startup Contest 2023.

Lam Dong Innovation Startup Day is a meaningful activity aimed at connecting and attracting resources to develop the innovation ecosystem and start-ups, promoting innovation activities in the province. This activity also helps to motivate and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship to all classes of people; the creation of a culture of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship based on indigenous resources; and Promote the link between the province’s innovative startup ecosystem.

10 dự án và 7 ý tưởng tham gia vòng chung kết Hội thi Khởi nghiệp ĐMST tỉnh Lâm Đồng năm 2023.

According to the Department of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) of Lam Dong Province, the finals of the 2023 Lam Dong Innovation Startup Competition will be held on October 26, at the provincial administrative center.

Besides, promoting connection activities, investment promotion, participation of components of the startup ecosystem in the development and support of potential startup projects and ideas; Selection of award-winning innovative startup ideas and projects, possibility of participating in regional and national startup competitions.

The goal is strengthening activities to create intellectual property, improve standards and quality of products and services; brand and market development; Distribution channels for innovative startups...

The 10 projects presented concern:

  • MSI22 equipment supporting people with disabilities;
  • OSFARM automatic spraying system;
  • Automation of self-cultivation bags in plant cell culture;
  • Handheld computer for the hearing impaired;
  • Seedify bio lab tissue culture management solution;
  • Cultivation and processing of products from the world's hottest pepper varieties in the organic direction;
  • "AIC FARM" - digital transformation platform in agriculture;
  • Mulberry Supply Cooperative Group;
  • PANAPHARCO - Pharmaceutical cosmetics from Ginseng Ngoc Linh biomass;
  • Local tourism promotion model using VR360 technology.

Additionally, this includes 7 main ideas:

  • Making chocolate, cookies from organic coffee fruit powder, and meat. Fermented drinks from ripe coffee fruit peel;
  • ECROCHET - utilizing nylon packaging to create environmentally friendly products;
  • Shampoo and hair conditioner from the Ngai Xanh plant;
  • Green technology solution - utilizing agricultural waste to simultaneously produce energy and environmentally friendly water filtration materials;
  • Fakiepow jackfruit seed powder product;
  • Production and trading of some products from the Betel leaf;
  • AItim - an image-based herbal medicine search application.