37th ‘TTC – Step up to success’


On November 3rd, 551 students at 8 elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools in Mo Cay Nam district (Ben Tre province) received scholarships from TTC Group.

551 students of 8 primary schools, secondary schools and high schools of Mo Cay Nam District, Ben Tre Province received schoolarships of TTC Group.


There are many happiness in new school year

"TTC - Step up success" scholarship is the will to overcome difficulties, the spirit of studiousness and the common desire to go to school.

This year, TTC Group has awarded a total of 551 scholarships with a total sponsorship amount including cash and gifts of nearly 700.000.000 VND. Also on this occasion, the Sharing Charity, represented by Mrs. Mai Thi Hanh - Former First Lady of President Truong Tan Sang, accompanied and supported 51 bicycles to help the children on their way to school more comfortable.

The Sharing Charity - represented by Mrs. Mai Thi Hanh gave 51 bicycles to students


The "TTC - Step up success" scholarship was initiated in 1985 from the hearts of the two founders of TTC Group, pondering, understanding the aspirations and striving for success of students in remote villages. Each scholarship contains affection with the expectation that the students will have more motivation and spirit to study, practice and contribute strength to the future generations of the country to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thanh - Member of Standing Committee of District Party Committee, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Mo Cay Nam District - highly appreciated the significance of the program. "TTC Group's preferential interest is a great source of encouragement for students with difficult circumstances. Thanks to that, students have more opportunities to excel in their studies and achieve many achievements. Especially, it has helped to reduce the rate of students dropping out of school, there are no cases of students dropping out due to difficult family economic circumstances," he said.

Ms Huynh Bich Ngoc - Vice Presidet of TTC Group always concerned and understanding effort
of students in villages. 


Informing the good news that 10/27 students who have received the "TTC - Step up success" scholarship in 2021 have just passed university or college, Ms. Vo Thi Nhen - principal of Quan Trong Hoang High School said scholarships areleading them firmly on the path of education. 

According to Mr. Dang Van Thanh - Chairman of TTC Group - over 37 years of implementation, the success of the program comes from the close attention of local authorities, departments and agencies, along with the active support of units. schools, as well as parents and students. "TTC always considers this a part of its responsibility and commits to continue accompanying the locality - especially the hometown of Ben Tre", he emphasized.

Le Duc Tho - Member of the Central Committee of the Party - Secretary of the Provincial Party Commitee gave certificate to presentation of TTC Group.


Take wings on the journey to conquer knowledge

Also on in the morning of November 3rd, TTC Group inaugurated Dang Huynh Library on the road leading to Thom Market, at An Loc Thi Hamlet (An Thanh Commune, Mo Cay Nam District, Ben Tre). This is the pioneer private library of the province built and serving readers since 2004, stemming from the enthusiasm of Mr. and Mrs. Dang Van Thanh. The library has received many certificates of merit from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Ben Tre province for its achievements in the operation of the public library system, serving books and newspapers to the community.

Ms Huynh Bich Ngoc - Vice President of TTC Group at Dang Huynh Library inauguration


After more than 18 years of operation, up to now, this group has invested in building a completely new library on an area of ​​757 square meter, with an average capacity of 50 readers/day in order to provide a new, modern, spacious space. The building is designed with 2 floors, arranged functional rooms/area such as bookshelves, reading service areas, concentrated reading tables, living room, souvenir areas, other ancillary works,... with a total investment of nearly 5 billion.

Besides nearly 12.000 copies of books, with many genres such as reference books, psychology, society, science, technology, geography, history, comics... and nearly 2.500 newspapers and magazines of all kinds, the Library Dang Huynh is also equipped with more than 20 computers to help children have the opportunity to access technology, study and look up information on the internet quickly. This promises to be a place to nurture and arouse students' dreams of conquering knowledge.

Towards a comprehensive international education ecosystem

Within the framework of the program, TTC Group introduced Thanh Thanh Cong International Education Joint Stock Company (TTCIS) and Yersin University Da Lat to the students. With the motto of seriously and methodically reinvesting in the education sector, towards a comprehensive international education ecosystem, TTC's education sector has a strategy to expand the school system to include levels from preschool, high school, and high school. access to universities in provinces and cities where TTC's member units operate across the country in the near future. The goal of developing the education segment is not only to invest but also to create high-quality human resources in the locality, thereby contributing to meeting the human resources for TTC Group itself in the development strategy.

Students are excited about having new books and modern computers


Throughout the message "For the community, we grow", the program "TTC - Step up success" has helped realize thousands of dreams of studious students. Over 37 years, in Ben Tre, TTC's humanistic journey has awarded nearly 20 billion VND through many activities such as awarding scholarships, learning equipment, investing in rural transport...


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