Sugar cane enterprises with integration: sustainability is used for growth parameter


After 30 years under the government protection, facing integration requirement, the only answer for enhancing competitiveness question is the transfer into sustainable development with the commitment of long-time relationship, in order to take advantage of total value for all participants in value chain of sector, especially the farmer.  

In Tay Ninh province, Thanh Thanh Cong Tay Ninh Sugar Cane JSC has necessary supporting policies, such as: favored interest rate capital, technology supporting, irrigate cane effectively by the sunlight power, mechanization for reducing cultivate cost, control cultivation, harvest, transport in order to reducing wasting.

The question about reducing cost in manufacture, product is secured from insect diseases, in excess of chemical, is not only for enterprises but also for farmers. They need to recognize that the important of working together, the effort of enterprises, if not the investment is still unmethodical and hard for enhancing the competitive ability.

Source: Dan Tri