Recruitment policy

“Devoted, Competent and Talent” are the three core values of the employee in TTC’s recruitment policy in selecting and nurturing talented experts in different business activities of TTC.

Training policy

TTC focuses on improving the knowledge and skills of the employees, help increase their competence.
For the succession planning, TTC organizes several training programs to improve the knowledge and skills of the young potential employees for future promotion.
Integration training programs are designed to enable new employees to integrate with TTC through a general introduction on:
Corporate culture:
History, corporate culture, business processes and policies; and the interests of the employees.
Viewpoints on management
In addition to the in-house induction training program, the employees are also provided with the viewpoints on management, and the orientation to and strategies for development of the company in the coming years.
Work skill training programs
Skills in planning; skills in using information technology networks; awareness and practice of 5S methods…
Joint-training programs
Working with prestigious training centers to design and carry out appropriate multi-level training programs for managers of the subsidiaries.
Advanced training programs for officers
TTC provide support for selected employees to take advanced training courses of undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Policy on remuneration

At TTC, the employees will be offered reasonable incomes, depending on their efforts, work performance and contributions.
Salaries and wages
TTC aims to adopt a remuneration and benefits policy that can keep talented employees and attract new
comers. Salaries and wages are reviewed every year, and pay raises are offered differently, depending on
the employees’ work performance and contributions and the business outcomes.
Bonuses for seniority of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or 20 years, etc are also considered every year, reflecting TTC’s corporate culture and its employees’ loyalty.
Salary depends on work performance
TTC’s viewpoint on its human resources strategy is that recruitment and appointment must be appropriate; and remuneration must be satisfying, depending on work performance and contributions.
Holiday trips
With regard to benefits, TTC organizes annual holiday trips.
Employees happiness
TTC pays serious attention to benefits policies and constantly improve them to ensure happiness and solidarity.
Health check - insurance
Regular health check, insurance and visits to employees when they are sick or when they celebrate important events.